Bombay Baryani

Best Biryani in Buffalo

The Ask.

Bombay Biryani, a virtual biryani restaurant in Buffalo, recognized the need to revitalize its online presence and expand its customer base. They approached Full Belly to breathe new life into their digital strategy, increase engagement, and drive business growth.

The Answer.

At Full Belly, we highly focus on planning & strategy. After taking Bombay Biryani on board, we analyzed the brand and work with them closely to create a dynamic online presence and implement strategic digital solutions that would captivate a wider audience.

The Goods.

Brand strategy
Logo design
Food delivery
Platform Management
Social Media Marketing

What’s in a name?

Bombay Biryani’s main focus was to elevate its online presence on virtual platforms like uber eats, GrubHub, door dash, etc. to attract a broader customer base and drive exponential growth. To meet these goals, our team worked tirelessly to transform it, leverage customer insights for impactful marketing campaigns, implement engaging email initiatives, analyze data through robust reporting, and optimize business listings to maximize visibility.

The Result.

The success story of Bombay Biryani exemplifies data-driven marketing, email campaigns, reporting, and business listing optimization. By embracing these strategies, Bombay Biryani significantly elevated its online visibility, engaged customers with personalized experiences, and achieved remarkable revenue growth.